little miss straight fucking celeste goodyear edge (heboughtroses) wrote in nodesofranvier,
little miss straight fucking celeste goodyear edge

11.3.04 dvd info and much thanks

Thanx to everyone that came out to the Halloween show this last Sunday. We had a blast plus we got to play 3 of our news songs to a live audience.
The new CD is falling together perfectly. I think some of these songs are our best to date. We should be in the studio Dec/Jan. We will keep you posted and thank you to all that have sent us email. We appreciate it so much.
Shameless merch shout out here: Remember to go to Hot Topic on and after Nov 26 to get the new FaceDown Fest DVD which features 3 our our songs on it. The Facedown Fest DVD this year is light years better than last years. Jason spent a ton of money on getting the best sound and visual quality possible. You will not be disappointed. It will not be available for mail order till Jan, so if you can't wait, go to your local Hot Topic.
Thanx again everyone.
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