little miss straight fucking celeste goodyear edge (heboughtroses) wrote in nodesofranvier,
little miss straight fucking celeste goodyear edge

01.06.05 new cd stuff

Jan 1 we spent our day recording. We did 9 tracks live. We wanted to get a feel for the new stuff and be able to send the lovely people at Facedown something to tide them over till we get the CD done. Our actual recording date is Jan 25. It will take us about 2 months to finish the CD. The new CD is entitled "The Years To Come".
After listening to these tracks recorded, we are even more excited about the new CD. It is definately our most aggressive to date.
"The Years To Come" will have 9 songs, 2 instrumentals, and an intro. Some of the current song titles include: Dolores, Predisposed, What Goes Around, Heartbreaks & Decimalpoints
Thanx again for all the support.
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